Nze Duru Kizito wrote: 

There is no better interpretation to what transpired, two days ago, at Nworubi in Mbaitoli than outright rejection of Uche Nwosu by Prince Eze Madumere. The fight that ensued between supporters of Uche Nwosu and Prince Eze Madumere, who are the Chief of Staff to the Governor of Imo State and the deputy Governor of the State respectively is a patent pointer that all is not well with the Rescue Mission family in the State.

The rejection of Uche Nwosu by the LGA of the Deputy Governor is a huge blow to the gubernatorial aspiration of the former commissioner for Lands. Madumere and indeed the people of Mbaitoli feel that they have been short changed by the governor. As one of LGAs from Owerri Zone, Mbaitoli people see it as a slap on their sensibilities for the governor to anoint and endorse any person from Orlu Zone, not to mention his Son in-law. The people of Mbaitoli may have hoped that owing to the wonderful and envious working relationship their son Prince Eze Madumere enjoys with Rochas Okorocha, the governor wouldn’t have thought twice before endorsing his deputy and long term friend, for 2019 guber election.

Mbaitoli is one of the largest LGAs in the country and the largest in the state, with over 200 polling booths. No sane and smart politician toils with an LGA with such massive numerical strength. No doubt, Madumere played a huge role in making sure that the APC in the state got as much as 21,504 votes from the LGA, which was only bettered by the results APC got in Orlu and Ideato South LGAs. Yet the governor still thinks that the humble and gentle Madumere doesn’t have any political political value. It is yet to be seen the next action the governor will take after the ugly event at Mbaitoli. But whatever happens, Okorocha should bear in mind that a house that is divided against itself cannot stand.

Interesting times lie ahead.

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Deputy governor at IMO State Government Studied Ph.D in view, MA, History/International Studies at Imo State University Studied Management at San Jacinto College, Houston Texas Lives in Owerri, Imo Married

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