Prince Eze Madumere, the Deputy Governor of Imo State is a man of many sides who can stand tall in all respects because of his accomplishments.
First of his many accomplishments, which remains the most important in human life is to first conquer self beyond the seeming limitations.
He is a man of vision who understands the intricacies and how to bring visions to reality. He also believes in making leaders. This he has done through strategic human resource management until latent endowments are developed. Those he made can stand anywhere and hold their heads high today in businesses, politics and other facets of human endeavour. Not all may not have received naira and kobo but they all worked away with a million dollar ideas beaming with hope.
In every task he has ever undertaken, he has not only scored beyond expectation but has left traces of excellence devoid of any personal enrichment. Little wonder his boss described him as Mr. incorruptible. Since he took over World Bank projects in Imo State, things are happening in the State. Rural Access Mobility Project that will complement Governor Okorocha’s effort in developing rural communities with over 400 kilometers of Road is about to begin. Many may not know that FADAMA III (additional financing) is back to help out in development of Agriculture and Agribusiness in Imo State. NEWMAP is also re-invigorated for the task of recovering our environmentally polluted and eroded areas and many others.
This is Madumere’s response to interpretation of vision. It is about courage to confront the failure of the past. It is a great will to upturn the feeling that we were born and fed with corruption. Madumere worked hard to erase Imo State from the black book of foreign partners. He championed issues that bothered on due process and procurement acts to the level of legislature.
Prince Eze Madumere was in Botswana recently on the directive of the Governor of Imo State, Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He led delegation from Imo State. He was not only applauded for his leadership qualities but was also commended by the French team for his thoroughness and rapt attention to every discuss. He surprised them the more by getting involved during the field work. Like many others, he never rested for a day during all their inspection of sites in both Botswana and South Africa. Explaining to other delegations, he said;  ” what is paramount is the Imo vision, the vision to a great Imo State. Every effort matters. I am here with our team to learn about the new technology in road construction, which will help us to stop wastage of resources.” . His presence was a great motivation to Imo delegates and others who were thrilled by his humility in service.
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Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere addressing delegates from other States of Nigeria, South Africans and team from the French Development Agency in Cape Town South Africa during an exchanges on new techniques in Road Construction adopted by Rural access and Mobility Projects.
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Imo Deputy Governor, Prince Eze Madumere leading Imo delegation and others during a field work to ascertain the quality of road achieved with the new technique in Road construction in Cape Town, South Africa recently.
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