….Calls for synergy between petroleum truck drivers, Security agencies

The Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prince Eze Madumere has again demonstrated his ingenuity in crisis management as he superintended a truce between security agencies operating in the State and Petroleum Truck Drivers over alleged adulterated petroleum product.

Madumere who received a delegation of Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, in the south–East and Petroleum Truck Drivers in Imo state led by Morrison Nwokedi and Donatus Onu respectively in his office yesterday, February 7, 2017, frowned at the avoidable altercation, which led to the alleged seizure of 12 petroleum trucks by officers of the 34 Artillery Brigade Command, Obinze, Imo State,  saying such act can spark off  security disorder  and  artificial petroleum scarcity in the State .

He pointed out that Imo people should not be made to suffer by such avoidable incidents, adding that the comfort and welfare of Imo citizens remain the utmost concern of the Rescue Mission Government.

He advocated for a monthly or quarterly meeting between security agencies and petroleum truck drivers in the State to jointly take proactive measures in managing avoidable misunderstandings.

The Deputy Governor promised to ensure that the seized trucks are released to avoid unnecessary queue at filling stations in the State.

Earlier in his speech ,  the leader of the team  and South–East Zonal Director of DPR ,Morrison Nwokedi said the visit was to intimate the Deputy Governor on the challenges facing the petroleum truck drivers, petroleum Independent marketers  and DPR   in the state in the cause of bringing petroleum products to the State .

Morrison pointed out that the environment in the State has been made unconducive for them to operate, adding that they are regularly harassed by security operatives in the State.
He insisted that security agencies have no right to stop petroleum tankers in motion and impound petroleum trucks over adulteration, pointing out that only the Department of Petroleum Resources is authorized by law based to declare a petroleum product adulterated.

Morrison solicited for government’s intervention to restore sanity in the system and give petroleum marketers a conducive environment to operate in.

Contributing, the chairman of Petroleum Truck Drivers in the state Donatus Onu lamented over the incessant harassment by security agencies especially the army.

He recalled how 12 petroleum trucks belonging to a petroleum marketer in the State were impounded by the Nigeria Army over a month despite proofs that the products were not adulterated and called for government intervention.

Uche Onwuchekwa
Special Assistant to the Deputy Governor of Imo State

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