By -Greg Nwadike

“I hadn’t been born when the notorious criminal, Aninih, operated. But spending a part of my life in Benin I know every bit of his story. A robber like no other, Aninih also was philanthropic. After every successful robbery, he would proceed to the nearest market and start showering a part of the money on people. And remember people praised him and hailed his exploits, and his near invincibility was discussed with legendary awe until he met the fate meant for every outlaw.

“Derico Nwamama of Onitsha also shared similar characteristics. He, they also said, was a giver to the poor.

“In my state, Imo, we see government appointees, whose salaries are not higher than those of university teachers spending nearly five hundred million naira every month, and we praise them. We see a jobless guy who never tried his hands in anything, never created any value, never proved competent in anything beyond being an in-law to the governor, openly squandering common wealth in an ill-informed, fruitless and squarely impossible governorship ambition, yet we keep quiet.

“The latest now is the launch (or launching as they now call it) of one criminal empire known as Elfreeda Foundation. Let it be known on this day that those celebrating the launch of that Foundation could have also celebrated Aninih and Derico.

“In saner climes, accomplished entrepreneurs float charity organisations to help the poor. But here, officials of government impoverish the masses through looting and finally spend a fraction of it to beguile the people, the unthinking plebeians, with Satanic charity outfits. But darkness can only endure for a while…the dawn is already nearby”, Collins Opurozor wrote recently.

It is a shame that Ndimo are recently making Uche Nwosu’s to – run or not-to-run governorship ambition an issue of relevance in Imo state. Who was he before he married Okorocha’s daughter and had access to our collective wealth? If Nwosu who applied for Gov Ikedi Ohakim’s 10,000 job had started that work would he have saved enough today to run for Governor let alone launching a business expire which wastes our resources running adverts on CNN?

Up Nwosu as a know today is the defacto governor of Imo State. His father in-law has practically handed over the Government to him sidelining his sidon-de-look Deputy Governor, CHIEF Eze Mmadumere. The Government under him has destroyed our yesterday, cut off our today and is plotting to finally nail our tomorrow and those we call our leaders are clapping like morons and idiots.

It is even a huge shame that those who will start throwing tantrums on this post are going to be my fellow youths; those whose future has been bought over with stipends less than N50,000 a month. Those who have no hope of saving a dime monthly from these crumbs. They are the ones that are currently being groomed as thugs and cultists. They are the ones that would soon be sending me as usual threat messages.

A slave who does not know that he is a slave will not only die a slave but will also die in chains. Just before they promise you heaven on earth so that you can attack me, please first ask yourself where is HENRY CHIBUEZE the one we called Vampire? Remember he was equally used and destroyed.

The era of questions asking is here. He that must be Imo governor in 2019 must be he with unquestionable background. We must know his past businesses and how he made his wealth. We cannot make further mistakes in Imo again in the name of Chukwu Abiama we declared.

-Greg Nwadike-

Published by pem4imo2019

Deputy governor at IMO State Government Studied Ph.D in view, MA, History/International Studies at Imo State University Studied Management at San Jacinto College, Houston Texas Lives in Owerri, Imo Married

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