By Obioma Opara
In the civilized world, the field of politics holds family as sacrosanct and out of bounds. Generally, one can play politics in the civil and humane manner or in the Machiavelli way wherein all is fair. Tragically, the Nigerian low level of political culture still permits us to regard family as completely devoid of the human face. Some of us
tend to regard values as sacred as family as a trivial and frivolous matter.Those who have expressed unwarranted and disrespectful opinions on the third marriage of Eze Madumere missed the point. If they were boxers in the ring, they hit below the belt and what is beating below the belt; if not to commit foul.  It is interesting to note that those who criticize Eze Madumere for taking his present wife, languish in lack of knowledge and waste their ink manifesting their culpable ignorance of what the facts of the matter are.

They tend to reduce the complex human issues into simple mathematical formula. The life of a man is not something one can reduce to quadratic or simple equation in which one just memorizes the formula and weave the figures into them. Rather, complex and complicated issues like feelings, emotions, sentiments, expectations,
disappointments, betrayals and the like are involved.

So how can one begin to analyze and conjecture on these matters when another person they are not even close to is concerned. How can we explain a situation where some people marry only once and it pays off in the end. Others marry two three or even four wives and they all died. Or when someone marries and lives with one, two, three or four and does not live in peace with any. Or in the case of Eze Madumere, where someone is humane, kind, humble, noble, accommodating, compassionate, patient, and loving and yet is unlucky that he happens
to marry two women of interesting and strange character trait. Two women who are not marriageable. Not the type you and I would pray to come our way.

If any of us married a woman like Madumere’s first wife who would establish egress and ingress to and from Abuja and enjoy her stay there at inappropriate places, we surely shall not remain in such a dangerous and unpalatable marriage. We shall try to save our head. We would do the same if we were so unlucky as to embrace a woman who finds delight in cruising and even sinking in the frightening ocean of mysticism and fatalism and would want to draw us into it.

Secondly, what shall we, men do as public figures if we married a second wife after the first who takes over the management of our homes leaving us aside and decides who stays and who goes, who comes around or who does what, how and when? Or if we had a lawyer wife who converts our home into the court room where she “puts it to you” and subjects you to cross examination and hairsplitting argumentation, interpolation and colloquium on every minute issue. Or if this woman wants to pry into every classified material at your disposal and know all government secrets and records, not minding your serious and ceaseless objection to same. What will you do?

Research into Prince Eze’s life including contacts with his children, brothers and sisters, mother and father, friends and even some objective foes discloses a loving father, an ardent believer in family life, a caring and supportive husband, an amazing human being who cannot stand human suffering and rejects it in its entirety and above
all, a man of faith.

Eze Madumere is someone you can hang out with, a down to earth personality, humorous and unassuming. He is honest and candid to a fault. The truth of the matter is that a man endowed with these virtuous qualities can hardly make a bad husband, as a matter of fact, he will make a good husband. His present wife has testified to that.

Writers and pundits may concentrate on Eze Madumere’s ideas and actions in the public domain not these constant nauseating issues of domestic matters that should be left to the domain of domestic of privacy.
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