It is another beautiful morning, which is another priceless gift from God Almighty. You may ask why and my answer is simple, “you have no control over your life however wealthy and health conscious you may be”.

This morning, I wish to leave with you a charge. In the spirit of Lent season, our Chaplain, Ven. Sunday Iherue took us on a theme: TAKE YOUR DESTINY IN YOUR HANDS. As fate would have it, I read the second lesson from the book of Matthew, chapter 26 verses 31 to the end. It was account of the agony of our Lord Jesus Christ leading to his crucifixion. You all remember how His disciples failed him in prayers and three times he came to wake them up to pray that they may not fall into temptation. We also remembered how our Lord Jesus Christ foretold that Peter was going to deny him three times before the cock crows after Peter had promised never to leave Jesus Christ even if all men should foresake Him and how the ultimate betrayal also came from Judas. In all these trials, Jesus Christ realising the weakness and inconsistencies of man took His destiny into His own hands that He may save us from eternal condemnation. Remember the four Ps of Joseph… The pit Portiphah’s House, Prisons before the vision was realised.

Today, you may have faced these trials and betrayals in critical moments to the extent that you even wish to take your life. I say hell no! Yours truly has gone through all these. Despite my humility and gift of perseverance, I have seen agony, betrayals and man’s wickedness. I have been insulted to an unimaginable height, molested and worse still by those I called my friends and those I nurtured. Guess what, if our Lord Jesus Christ could go through all that He went through, how much more me, a mere mortal. I even learnt that voodoo priests are on the prowl. Umunne m, I say the gate of hell shall not prevail to them that believe.

I have taken my Destiny into my own hands and I shall walk in power with the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we shall get there. I don’t know your challenges, just work hard, seek God’s wisdom and take your Destiny in your own hands for no one and no one is destined a failure. Weeping may endure for a night but behold joy cometh in the morning.

Your Destiny is in your hands!


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Deputy governor at IMO State Government Studied Ph.D in view, MA, History/International Studies at Imo State University Studied Management at San Jacinto College, Houston Texas Lives in Owerri, Imo Married

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