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He is Mr. Authentic Not Just Humility Personified

Chinonso Anyalewechi
Today, as family, friends and well-wishers of Prince Eze Madumere gathered in oneness of heart to celebrate his 53rd birthday at the Chapel of Praise, Lake Marlinda, Anglican Communion Achi-Mbieri, Mbaitoli LGA, Her Excellency, Princess Chioma Rosemary Madumere, the amiable wife of the Deputy Governor, who stood in the gap for her husband (who happened to be absent at the occasion due to an impromptu official trip to United Kingdom), shocked the whole audience with her speech when asked to describe her husband.
Below is an abridged version of her wonderful unwritten speech which clearly displayed her intellectual depth and love for her husband:
“In the same way David cried out in the Bible; “Lord who am I and what is my family that you have done us such great deeds?” So do I cry out today because the mercies of the Lord is incomprehensible. The Bible says that in all things give God the praise and today I am giving God the praise for his mighty works in my life and family. I lack words to describe this very man for whom we are all gathered here to celebrate today. But I’ll tell you what I know about this man in just a word. In fact, I must say that I am very humbled to represent him on this auspicious occasion but no matter how hard I try to be him today i know I cannot wear his shoes because I can never be him. In fact, his shoes are just too big for me So I’ll chose to be myself instead.
You see, Nothing can be more disheartening and painful than dealing with counterfeited characters. Many of us here has in one way or the other experienced the pain and heartache that comes from betrayal, deceit and untrustworthiness of men. If you look around today you’ll see that even our reality shows are not real because they are edited to form a perfect picture of what an ideal world should be. This drags me down to the story of Susan Boyle, a plain looking middle-aged woman unemployed from scotland, who contested for Britain’s Got Talent show in 2009. I remember that when this woman came up on stage the judges and the audience expected less from her just because she replied that her was dream was to try and become a professional singer. They jeered at her believing she must be one of those comic relief characters who was included in the show just to ease off the tension a bit. They paid less concern to her until it was time to sing and she performed the song “I Dreamed a Dream” which got everyone standing mouth agape with rounds of applause clouding the air. In less than no time she sold over 8 million copies of that CD the same year and during the historic visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Scotland in September 2010, she was chosen to sing for the pontiff in Glasgow and there she stood, a woman who was just trying to be a professional, now singing in front of 65,000 people.
This story brings me down to the word Authenticity. Being authentic simply means being yourself, working and serving humanity in your personal domain life separate from what societal influence wants you to be. Authenticity can’t be counterfeited. You can’t buy it with money and you can’t hide it when you have it. So for me, my husband is not mr humility alone as the world calls him, he is actually Mr. Authenticity. He is a compassionate man, a loving father and a true husband, a loyal friend, a caring man, one with an inner strength that I believe when the world taps into it this place will be a better place, he is one with an outstanding kind of courage that words Alone can’t comprehend, he is a true personality who lives his life without any discrimination as he relates to the lowly the way he relates to the mighty. Many wonder why i chose him but my reply is simply that just as God doesn’t look at the face of man but rather at his heart so did i look beyond his face to see his good heart amongst the many things there was to see and I am proud that I chose him. As We celebrate his new age today, I pray that the Almighty God who seeth in darkness and in light will keep him safe from all forms of danger, bless him with good health, longlife and divine wisdom even as he continues to work in the house of the Lord and in unison with his boss, Owelle Rochas Okorocha for the greater glory of the State. Wherever you are my dear husband, I know that you’re hearing me, I wish you the best there is to wish such an outstanding man on his birthday and I want to know that I’ll always be proud of you. Happy birthday my soulmate”.
Wow! This speech could pass for the best eulogy ever written to a worthy husband from an impeccably romantic and loving wife. I think I see the reason for the sparkle in the eyes of Prince Eze Madumere after long years of suffering and pain. Age indeed is just a number as we again realized today after his wife indeed put many to shame as she shocked them with this incredible speech which they all least expected from such a youngster especially because it was too good to be an impromptu speech. She is just like her husband, a very humble and accommodating young lady who believes that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and I believe that God will see them through and grant them many more reasons to celebrate in their home.



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